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B-1 Visas

B-1 Visas

B-1 Visas

Are You Visiting the U.S. for Business?

The B-1 Visa is available to those who are coming to the U.S. or attempting to do business with a U.S.-based business on a temporary basis. It is a non-immigrant visa, intended for those who must conduct commercial or professional business in the U.S. This may encompass any conventions, consultations, conferences, and other professional activity. The work does not usually entail physical labor or payment in the form of financial compensation.

What are the requirements?

Anyone who is entering the United States is presumed to be an immigrant. All B-1 Visa applicants must demonstrate their intentions of doing business with U.S. companies. Furthermore, applicants must demonstrate that they intend to do business with U.S.-based companies on a temporary basis only.

This may be done in the following ways:

  • Show that you are entering the U.S. for business purposes only
  • Show that you are only remaining in the U.S. for a limited engagement
  • Show that you have the funds to cover all of the expenses related to your trip
  • Show that you have no intention of abandoning your life and residence in your home country by offering evidence of your ties to home
  • B-1 Visa holders may not be eligible to receive financial compensation from the U.S. company during their time in the U.S., as the business they will be conducting will only be on a temporary basis.

Here are some examples of the types of activities approved under the B-1 Visa:

  • Training sessions, seminars, and educational courses
  • Research for the potential of setting up a foreign business or investment
  • To perform a duty as a board member or executive of a U.S.-based business
  • To maintain day-to-day operations of the business, including sales, interviews, hiring, and legal negotiations
  • For maintenance, service, or repair of equipment purchased outside of the United States

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